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All About Vision Therapy:

What is Vision Therapy?

An Extensive FAQ interview with expert eye doctor.

Scientific Studies and References along with links to sources included.

100s of Vision Therapy Success Stories:

Hundreds of success stories written by children, parents, adult patients and teachers.

Vision Therapy helps people with:


    • crossed eyes
    • lazy eye
    • blurry vision
    • double vision
    • depth perception
    • dizziness
    • headaches
    • motion sickness and so much more.

    Equip for VT

    Vision And Learning – What Effects Visual Problems have on the Cognitive Learning Process:

    A collection of articles from PTA, School Nurse News, Web MD, professors, eye doctors, and more…

    Vision Therapy Referral Centers

    The Vision Therapy Center – Madison
    4781 Hayes Rd #103
    Madison, WI 53704

    New Horizons Vision Therapy Center​- Waunakee
    ​​1021 Quinn Dr Ste 400
    Waunakee, WI 53597​

    Family Vision Center and Vision Therapy Academy
    3424 Mormon Coulee Rd
    La Crosse, WI 54601


    Dear Patients: The Baraboo Eye Clinic will be returning to Routine EyeCare as of May 26th 2020. We are at this time still limited on hours and how frequently we can see our patients. Some restrictions will still be in place along with Face Masks are REQUIRED. The Optical is still only open from 10am-2pm daily so if you need to talk to a staff member please call during those time periods otherwise you can email us. At this time, we are trying to get caught up on the cancelled appointments from the COVID19 time period so please leave your name and a good phone number to reach you. Keep your phone handy because we will not be leaving messages about appointment availibility.