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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are Popular due Ease of Use and Long Term Eye Health.

                      • A fresh, new pair every day – wear them once, toss at night

                      • No cleaning or disinfecting

                      • No worry about deposit buildup over time

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Are Daily Dispoable contacts a good option for you?

Daily disposable contacts are good option for all patients but especially for:


Frequent Travelers: no lens solution needed and losing a contact lens is not a problem

Dry Eyes: lenses have a built in rewetting agent to minimize dry eyes

Allergy sufferer: contact lenses are allergen magnets; new lens everyday = more comfort

Children: easy to handle, losing or ripping a contact is not a big issue, no cleaning needed

Infrequent Contact Wearer: perfect for those people who want contacts for occasional use

Ease of use: no cleaning required - toss at the end of the day!

Comfort issues with Contacts: don't have to be concerned you can't wear your monthly lens as a monthly!

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